We are pleased to advise that WillowIT Pty Ltd has merged with Disprax Pty Ltd, to form a new company Willdoo IT Pty Ltd.

Disprax has similar history of successfully developing and implementing ERP, BI and CRM systems and the Disprax team has similar skills and background.  Disprax is part of the PNORS Technology Group.

What brought it about? Several major reasons:

  • The demand for Odoo in Australia has been outstripping WillowIT’s capacity to respond.  We were faced with the need to greatly increase our resources and the best way to do this was by joining forces with a similar company.
  • Disprax have been focused on an industry-specific package and were looking to expand their market, which Odoo will do very nicely.
  • For some time there has been a need to provide more formal structures such as a dedicated helpdesk, support agreements to protect clients’ IT investment and additional consulting and project management services.  The combined company will be large enough to provide these services.

Our two companies have a lot in common: very similar “culture” (for example, a focus on highly skilled technical expertise), similar size clientele and the same overriding principle of providing excellence in support.  A lot of synergies and higher efficiencies can be achieved by allowing us to have deeper specialisation of individual technicians, applying each other’s knowledge and methods on a broader scale.

Willdoo IT with also be able to leverage the resources of the PNORS group, such as networking, IT hardware, and infrastructure services.

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About Us

WillowIT are the first and most experienced Odoo (formerly OpenERP) partners in Australia. We are a proud Australian IT company with over 30 years experience and expertise in the analysis and implementation of business solutions over a wide range of industries. Our experienced in-house team provide the analytic, project management and technical skills that are vital to the success of your ERP implementation.

WillowIT's mission is to provide expert professional services to ensure your Odoo implementation is 100% successful and delivers exceptional value to your business.

  Why ODOO
Odoo comprises a complete suite of business applications covering all business needs from Website and eCommerce down to Manufacturing, Inventory and Accounting, all seamlessly integrated. Odoo removes the initial cost of the software and is free to downland, placing the main emphasis on professional services. Odoo is highly customisable providing customers with a solution that is tailored and has a 100% requirements fit, although many customers are perfectly suited to the out-of-the-box offering. 2 million users and 55,000 companies around the globe are enjoying the benefits of Odoo. Watch an introductory video here.

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WillowIT are the first and most experienced Odoo partners in Australia. We have extensive experience in the analysis, design, customisation and implementation of sophisticated ERP systems with close integration to eCommerce and CMS systems. We have successfully implemented custom solutions over a wide range of industries, including not for profit, manufacturing, retail, logistics and distribution.


"Our productivity gains are obvious, information is now available and more easily accessed by all areas of the company without compromise to security. Our experience with WillowIT has been excellent and is encouraging us to exploit other exciting areas of the OpenERP package".
   - Rod Massey, Woods Furniture


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